Athletic Department

Mr. Scott Gomrad
Athletic Director

Mr. Rocky Ciero
Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Brandon Joseph
Assistant Athletic Director

Mrs. Christina Gibbs
Athletic Admin. Assistant

Athletic Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Winter Springs High School Athletics Department is to facilitate programs of excellence as defined by the Florida High School Athletic Association. By implementing a holistic approach that balances family, academics, and athletics, we will nurture the development of social responsibility and encourage the pursuit of post graduation career paths and athletic aspirations.  We will focus on providing for the safety and well-being of our student-athletes, our staff, and our fans and spectators.  We value the lessons taught by athletic participation, and seek to develop the personal, ethical, physical, and intellectual skills necessary for success beyond graduation.  Additionally, our staff and student-athletes will exhibit pride, respect, and integrity while representing our athletics department, our school, and our community.

Vendor Information


The Winter Springs High School Athletic Department seeks to initiate and sustain professional and ethical relationships with all business vendors.  Further, we operate under the policies and procedures set forth by the Seminole County Public Schools purchasing department, as well as the internal guidelines administered through Winter Springs High School.  Specifically, PRIOR to conducting any business with a school in Seminole County, ALL PROSPECTIVE VEDORS MUST BE REGISTERED AND APPROVED THROUGH THE DISTRICT OFFICE.  Only upon District approval will a vendor gain permission to conduct business with Winter Springs High School.  As a point of emphasis, no purchase orders will be processed internally without first submitting an official quote for service.  Once a quote has been received, the Department staff and Administration will work to review the quote and determine whether a purchase order will be generated and service can be rendered.  Failure or neglect to abide by policies and procedures could result in payment being delayed or withheld.   

Please utilize the links below for detailed information on how to register as a vendor, 
District policies and procedures, and the vendor paperwork for Winter Springs High School.  
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Department or our Bookkeeper, 

Diane Kaminski at

Seminole County Public Schools Purchasing Department

Winter Springs High School Vendor Information 
Vendor Paperwork Link